Services for Developers

We understand that developers want to keep things as simple as possible and require a knowledgeable and reliable company to handle the Body Corporate process so they can focus on completing their project.

We work with developers supplying a draft budget for their marketing and assistance with resolutions when the property is ready to be transferred.  We are also able to provide draft rules and to amend the rules to meet the specific development requirements.  We can also supply a general information document to help with your marketing.  We will arrange contractors to be in place when the property goes ‘live’.

We are able to offer developers a straight forward process at no cost through to the sale of your unit development.

At Scope Strata we are able to work constructively and effectively with the appointed QS, valuer, legal firm and real estate agency to ensure that all Unit Title issues are addressed.

If you are seeking a sound, reliable company who will not give you the run around and will return your calls promptly please contact Steve Plummer at, or 027 672 2777.