Our Body Corporate Management Services

Scope Strata can tailor our services to each body corporates requirements within an annual fee.

Below is a list of what we can provide for you.


  • Managing payments, invoices, GST obligations and levies
  • Raising and receiving payment of annual levy invoices
  • Managing the trust account on behalf of the body corporate, including receiving payments and paying creditors under the processes agreed with the body corporate
  • Completing GST and income tax returns
  • Keeping up-to-date financial reports for the body corporate
  • Providing a draft annual budget for review
  • Assist auditors appointed by the body corporate to review their accounts
Scope Strata Body Corporate Management Services

Administration & Management

  • Communicating with all owners about annual general meetings, financial reports, proposed budgets and meeting minutes
  • Taking minues of the AGM and distributing minutes and the annual levy approved at the AGM
  • Maintaining the legal register of owners/tenants
  • Responding promptly to written communication (letters, emails)
  • Hold and maintain the property file and any historical archived files
  • Provide updates during the year to owners (where required)
  • Archive management


  • Arrange for common area maintenance and upkeep
  • Arrange service contracts for common services including building warrant of fitness’s, lawn care, lifts, etc
  • Obtain quotes for common area work such as resealing driveways, building painting, etc
  • Manage contractor relationships

Support Services

  • Access property files and information including financial reports and levy invoices through our cloud based system
  • An on-call personal service in the event of an emergency (24/7/365)
Scope Strata Unit Title Management Services

Building Manager (where applicable)

  • Work with the building manager to ensure the property is well maintained
  • Update the committee on any houses in respect to building management
  • Assist in the appointment processes of suppliers and contractors


  • Working with members to provide stable, sustainable and effective body corporate management
  • Work in conjunction with the committee on property matters, including liaising on matters by phone and email
  • Arrange committee meetings as directed by the committee and distribute committee minutes
  • Attend committee meetings at an agreed frequency

Insurance and Valuation

  • Arrange for annual insurance to be placed and a valuation obtained
  • Complete insurance claims made in relation to the common property
  • Assist owners with individual claims for their own units
Scope Strata Unit Title Management Services Unit title

Additional Duties

Outside our day-to-day role for the body corporate, we may be requested to undertake additional duties that are separately charged (either to the individual owner, or to the body corporate, depending on the work):

  • Notification as required under Section (106)(3)(b) Unit Titles Act 2010
  • Issuing of Certificates under Section (147)(3)(b) Unit Titles Act 2010, costs charged to the respective unit owner
  • Any other statutory duty required of the body corporate, under the Unit Titles Act 2010 and the Unit Titles Regulations 2011, or any other legislation, including Tenancy Tribunal correspondence and hearings
  • Billing of utility recovery charges (e.g. water from check meters)