Dedicated Corporate Property Managers

We believe that the main points of difference between Scope Strata and our competitors relate to how we approach our clients and their property.

  • We understand that our clients are paying for an exceptional¬†service and they have every right to expect it from us.
  • The point of starting Scope Strata was to provide the highest level of service that we could.¬†We understand that there is always room to improve and we will seek feedback on how we can do things better. We will implement changes that benefit our clients.
  • We understand that our team members are a reflection of our company. We strive to employ people that share our collective values.
  • We understand the need for continual improvement through regular team training.
  • We have clear standard operating procedures- so that no matter the team member you deal with you will be assured a high level of service.
  • Our team members are provided with the highest level of resources and backup. They are always supported by senior team members to ensure they get the right level of support.
  • We understand the importance of communication and timely responses.
  • We know most committee members are volunteers- we must value their time.
  • We understand the importance of transparency and openness that enables accurate decision making by the committee member.
  • We will always act ethically on issues, even if it may impact negatively on our business.
  • We understand that when we make a commitment, it’s the company’s reputation at stake and we must follow through.

Here at Scope Strata we don’t want to just talk about our service in some abstract way, but do what we say we will – every day. That’s why we always welcome feedback, we are here to listen and continually improve our service to you.

That's our commitment.