Quarter One 2020

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Quarter One 2020

I am sure that, like me, you have all had information overload on Covid-19 and related matters. Within bodies corporate, we have seen multiple contractors and service agents ensuring that they have put things in place to comply with each change of legislation; we have had owners ask what is being done to assist with body corporate levies at this time, and bodies corporate who have looked at ways to reduce costs; we have dealt with owners whose tenants who have lost their jobs and are unable to pay rent; we have had residents who have been in self-isolation and in quarantine; and we have seen a step-up in cleaning regimes to try and reduce risks of catching the Coronavirus. All these are an expected outcome of a unique and unprecedented situation.

Despite all the aforementioned issues and tasks, what has been a shining light throughout these difficult days is how many of our bodies corporate residents have supported their neighbours in big and small ways. Many residents (owners and tenants) have been concerned for their neighbours and made efforts to ensure that they are OK. In situations where older residents have been restricted in their movements, fellow residents have stepped in to buy them groceries, or regularly called them to reduce their anxiety of being cooped up. Some residents have created virtual platforms to meet together for a coffee, or to form a book club. Building managers have even given some residents the opportunity to express their hidden talents, to sing or play music with a shared audience of other residents.

It’s said that in times of adversity that the true character of people is exposed. While there have been news reports of people fighting over toilet rolls, others have shown true community spirit and their true colours of care and compassion for others. I take this opportunity to commend the many for thinking of others during this time, and to say thank you to those Kiwis who have shown us how things can be done in times of challenge.

Well done!

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Steve Plummer